2 Jan 2018

2018 Word of the Year

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Applying my #wordoftheyear to all areas of my life. 2017 was tough for so many reasons, the most important reason being the passing of my mom…a person whose voice I heard every single day, sometimes often more than once. Her illness consumed the lives of my family, and her death left a permanent scar on [...]

17 Dec 2017

Looking for a unique stocking stuffer?

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Looking for a thoughtful stocking stuffer for a special tween girl? Check out the Girls of Grace Bible study set! Amazon is offering Building Circles of Grace on sale for $11.07!

13 Sep 2017

{GIVEAWAY} with Lynn Cowell & Teri Lynne Underwood

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Hi, friends! I am so excited to announce a joint {GIVEAWAY} with my friends, Lynn Cowell and Teri Lynne Underwood. We are gifting THREE COMPLETE SETS of what we think is the ultimate mom and tween girl study set. Eek! We are so stoked! Just take a peek at what's included! Lynn, Teri Lynne and [...]

7 Sep 2017

Walking into the Arena

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It’s tough for me to believe my grandmother has been gone four years.  Grandparents are such special people.  My grandmother, or Mama Gal as she was to me, was truly one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever known. I grew up knowing she adored her family, had a heart for serving others and exuded [...]

5 Sep 2017

Announcing #girlmom September Giveaway

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Calling all #girlmoms! GIVEAWAY ALERT: The August giveaway for Building Circles of Grace was so fun that I want to do it again! Introducing September's fun mom and daughter giveaway! This month's goodies includes: 1 Becoming a Girl of Grace book for mamas and tween girls 1 Building Circles of Grace book 1 complete set [...]

4 Sep 2017

The Power of Service & Community

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Hi friends, Ash here! I want to talk with you briefly about the power of service and community. With the damage Hurricane Harvey has left behind, it has been amazing to see not only the people in my local community, but also people all around the world come together to support the victims of this [...]

29 Aug 2017

#prayersforTexas and Ways YOU Can Help

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Devastation. Epic flooding. Lives irrevocably changed. Waters still rising. Images too horrific for words splattered all over our televisions and news feeds.  My daddy is in Houston, friends. So many of us, our family, and our friends have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. I can't stop watching the news and the Weather Channel.  If you're [...]

24 Aug 2017

Mom & Daughter Heart Check – Episode 2

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The next episode of the Mom & Daughter Heart Check series is available!  Join us as we dig deeper into Building Circles of Grace, the latest Bible study for moms and tween girls in the Girls of Grace Bible study series, and the reality of tough social hurdles we sometimes encounter as we build community [...]

24 Aug 2017

3 Ways to Prioritize Time with our Daughters

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A single day holds a lot of time: 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. Yet, how many of us wish for more time at the end of a day? We as a people feel so busy—overwhelmed by our lengthy and never-ending to-do lists. One has only to look at the vast options of daily planners [...]

17 Aug 2017

Introducing Mom & Daughter Heart Check Vignettes

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I am so very excited to introduce a new mom and daughter series to you called Mom & Daughter Heart Check.  Join us as we dig deeper into Building Circles of Grace, the latest Bible study for moms and tween girls in the Girls of Grace Bible study series, and the reality of tough social [...]