13 Feb 2014

Resting in God’s Sufficient Grace

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I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was embarking on Proverbs 31's online study, Made to Crave.  Part of that desire to participate was because of my decision to train for my first half marathon.  Two very sweet friends who have each already run a half marathon signed up to support and encourage me.  Throughout [...]

9 Jan 2014

Marinading in The Word

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For the last couple years, I have been (*ahem*) too busy to attend Bible study for myself.  That hasn't kept me from wanting to be in Bible study.  Remember, friends…I'm a recovering over-scheduler.  And it's true.  Until now, I don't know how I would have physically managed to be in one more place.  Clearly, I've [...]

7 Jan 2014


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We've all been there.  Despite all your best intentions to let it all go, sometimes we just break.  Taking a deep breath no longer helps.  Counting to 10?  Forget it.  Yoga-smoga.  You're past that.  You just want to scream.  Towanda!Oh, my gosh.  Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite books and movies.  I think [...]

3 Jan 2014

New Year. New Word.

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Happy New Year, friends!I've taken a break over the Christmas season to rest, reflect and live in the moment with my family.   Our family holiday was full of memory-making, laughs and a little too much baked goodness.  The season of caring, sharing and hot cocoa with marshmallows did not disappoint!  To be honest, I've [...]

2 Nov 2013

Hitting the Reset Button

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Does anyone remember watching Looney Tunes when they were younger? Yes, I’ll admit I was so excited when my girls got into them, because I had an excuse to watch them again. I get it now, dad. My daddy loved Saturday morning cartoons, and I can vividly remember him laughing at Wylie Coyote and the [...]

30 May 2013

A Sneak Peek!

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Hi, friends ~The first official copy of Becoming a Girl of Grace should be delivered to me on Monday.  Excitement!  After that, we expect hard copies of the remaining books to be in hand by June 14th.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.  God is moving in a big way!As some of you [...]