I love to encourage moms and daughters at conferences and retreats! As image bearers of our Creator, we are designed for community, and gatherings like conferences and retreats are wonderful tools God uses to meet our need for connectivity.   It is an honor to serve the Lord through speaking events that empower and equip other moms and their mini me’s. If our schedules fit, you can expect a well-prepared, Word-centric, Spirit-led teaching talk from me for you and your women and/or girls. Through speaking engagements, I enjoy connecting with women and girls through a variety of groups and venues, including churches, youth groups, moms’ organizations and women’s retreats.

Topics Include

All topics are based on teachings from the Girls of Grace Bible studies, making for a nice segue to forming small group Bible studies after your event. As a wife and mom, I understand the importance of transparent and loving communication, so I strive to leave moms and/or their daughters with excellent conversation starters that enable them to keep the conversation going long after the speaking engagement has past.

(Full conference or single session message)

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a beautiful girl of grace who God created with love and care? Do you see inward beauty as well as outward attractiveness? Are you critical of yourself? What do you say to the reflection that stares back at you? We live in a world and culture that puts much effort into telling girls (small and tall) what we should think is beautiful. God’s idea of beauty is not defined by the latest trends or who is most popular at school. God created beauty! The beauty of the earth and everything in it (including us) was designed and defined by God.

In a culture obsessed with perfection, our sense of self-worth can be battered and tossed day after exhausting day. We were made for more!

Together, let’s discover how to:

  • Break out of society’s mold of normal and embrace the authentically created girls of grace God designed each of us to be.
  • Obliterate the enemy’s message of self-doubt and unworthiness, replacing those whispers with God’s Truth—that as His image bearers—we are loved, accepted and affirmed.
Through the ups and downs of life, one of the biggest and brightest blessings God grants us is the gift of friendship.   True friends who are there for us. Friends who pray with us. Dream with us. Laugh with us. Celebrate or cry with us. Encourage and affirm us. Be accountable with us. Connectivity with other human beings is something each of us craves. No matter how God designed you—extrovert, introvert, socially skilled, or socially awkward—something in your spirit longs for meaningful relationships with other humans.

When we establish connections with other people, we are sharing a piece of ourselves. You are giving these favored companions a little glimpse inside your heart to see what makes you who you are. In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Speaking truth and love;
  • Essential building blocks to establishing a solid foundation for relationships with others;
  • The importance of the role we play as Jonathan or the {En}Courager in our relationships with others; and
  • Why it is just as critical to embrace the role of David from time-to-time and how receiving encouragement from others requires vulnerability, courage and transparency.
In this session, Catherine draws from her latest Bible study for moms and tween girls, which delves into what it means to build and sustain Christ-centered relationships with what Catherine calls circles of grace—the relationships that we develop beyond our relationship with God. How do you respond with grace to a bully? How do you cope with the loss of a friendship? Can you really make a difference by putting Jesus first when it’s not the cool or politically correct thing to do? In this session, Catherine invites participants to:

  • Explore our craving for connectivity and how our circles of grace or formed;
  • Embrace our identities as image bearers of our Creator; and
  • Harness the power of God’s Word to rebuke lies the enemy speaks into our spirits about who we are and how we can make a difference in the Kingdom through our relationships with others.
Have you heard the saying, “Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” It is so not true. Words hold immense power. Remember, God literally spoke our world into being (Genesis 1:3). Sometimes, we do not realize the lasting impact our words have on other people. Gossip can be damaging. Verbal barbs can leave a scar on our fragile hearts. Yet, affirming words can be just as powerful as hurtful gossip or ugly words, so given a choice—which should we choose to impart? Join Catherine as she:

  • Discusses the damaging effects of gossip and negative speaking on an individual and within our circles of grace;
  • Leads participants through hands-on activities that reinforce the lasting power of the spoken word; and
  • Shares the power of spoken prayer and how transformative this practice can be no matter what your circumstance.

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    “As a person, Catherine was transparent, relatable and joyful. As a speaker, she presented a clear example of Biblical friendship that was simple to understand but challenges me to apply on a regular basis.”
    Megan Boesch, Little Elm, TX
    “Catherine Bird is a breath of fresh air, and her personality is contagious! Her courage to approach a bible study for moms and daughters is inspiring, and it’s going to bring Jesus into many of these very special relationships.”
    Jennifer Bryson, Aubrey, TX
    “There is something captivating about Cat’s delivery. Her demeanor, kindness and gentle spirit always has me looking forward to learning more. My daughter and I are beyond blessed to journey through the teen years with her by our side as a leader and a friend.”
    Danielle P., Aubrey, TX
    “Authentic, down-to-earth, and real—Catherine Bird is able to make true connections with both moms and tweens through her ministry.”
    Tima B., Austin, TX