24 Aug 2017

Mom & Daughter Heart Check – Episode 2

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The next episode of the Mom & Daughter Heart Check series is available!  Join us as we dig deeper into Building Circles of Grace, the latest Bible study for moms and tween girls in the Girls of Grace Bible study series, and the reality of tough social hurdles we sometimes encounter as we build community [...]

13 Aug 2017

Letters from Ash – Friendships and Fitting In

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Hi, again! Ash here. For our chat today, I want to talk about friendships and sometimes feeling like you don't fit in. I'VE BEEN THE NEW KID A FEW TIMES, AND IT'S DEFINITELY NOT ALWAYS FUN. I moved schools right before seventh grade. Up until then, I had the same classmates and friends for seven [...]

31 Jul 2017

Letters from Ash

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Hi friends! Ashley here. I’m pretty new to blogging, so y’all please bear with me. My mom asked if I wanted to share my thoughts on some tough topics we encounter as girls. My mom is awesome, but sometimes I want to talk with my friends. That’s what I hope you find here. A friend! [...]

3 May 2017

Special Live Stream Preview – Building Circles of Grace

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Hi, friends!  So 2017 began about 30 minutes ago, and it's already May.  Does anyone else feel that way?  My girls' last day of school is tomorrow (whaaaa??), and we are in the midst of prepping for new floors in our house.  I am really trying to remember why I thought the last week of [...]

24 Mar 2014

Tears of Happiness and Heartache – Part II

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It's been almost three weeks since my friend, M, was called home.  The world continues to turn.  Life continues to move.  The sun rises.  The sun sets.  Days pass quickly - full of normal family activities and work.  Grief is an unpredictable emotion, friends.Because I didn't see M everyday, my normal routine has changed little. [...]

12 Feb 2014

T.E.A.M. Grace Registration Contest Winner

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I am so excited to share the name of our T.E.A.M. Grace 2014 registration contest winner.  Laurie Layne is the winner of a $100 mom/daughter shopping spree to Simon Malls!Please join me in congratulating Laurie!  There is still time to join us for amazing weekend of Christ-centered fellowship and fun with other moms and tween girls. [...]

3 Jan 2014

New Year. New Word.

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Happy New Year, friends!I've taken a break over the Christmas season to rest, reflect and live in the moment with my family.   Our family holiday was full of memory-making, laughs and a little too much baked goodness.  The season of caring, sharing and hot cocoa with marshmallows did not disappoint!  To be honest, I've [...]

20 May 2013

Ministry on the move!

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The insanity of the past few weeks is tough to convey, but then just about all of my mommy friends are trying to survive the insanity of May.   Summer is almost here, ladies!  Normally, my girls and I would be getting ready to clear our schedules for nothing but pool time and summer Bible [...]