A Legacy Worth Building

Friends, bear with me as I take time from writing to you so that God can refuel my spirit.  I have spent the summer sleeping late, playing in the pool with my girls and facilitating weekly Bible study for nearly 70 moms and tween girls.  We are living in the moment, and it is blissful.  Sometimes, I even wear makeup.  

Earlier this week, my family made a 19-hour trek so I can attend a writer’s conference before we journey into the mountains for another week of hiking and waterfall exploration.  The conference has barely begun, and I am already so inspired by the literally hundreds of women who are on fire to know and serve the Lord.  I suspect there will be much praying and processing in the days to come.  But I digress…

Let’s get back to that 19-hour drive.  How many of you love road trips? My family looks forward to our big family vacation each year.  We always stock up on books, colors and fun new games to help pass the time in the car.  It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are, sometimes you need a reprieve from the educational materials in your activity pack.  I’m talking about me, friends…not just my kids.  Because we always lead by example, right?  Riiiiight.

I must give props to Apple’s software developers for their creativity.   So my girls and I were playing around with the iPhone around hour 18 in the car…

Me: Siri, may I call you Jarvis?
Siri: You know, I think that guy cheated off me during our intelligence assistant exam.
Me: You’re right, Siri. You are much smarter.
Siri: Thank you, Catherine.

What do you do during a 19-hour road trip? No judging.  My girls thought it was hilarious, and PC (Prince Charming) and I had a good laugh as well.  Isn’t that what family time and road trips are really about?  Laughter.  Memory building.  I guarantee my kids can’t remember half of the souvenirs they had to have when we were in one place or another.  Yet, they can tell you with frightening accuracy about numerous experiences they have had during our many family trips.  This is a legacy I hope they pass on to their mini-me’s one day.  

When we are serving through a ministry, we put pressure on ourselves to constantly feed others who need spiritual nourishment.  But the reality is we all need to be fed from time-to-time.  Thank you for the grace to take a break as God fills my cup.

I want God to work in me so that He can then work through me (something very profound that I heard today).  If you are feeling weary, ask God to help you lay down your mantle for a season so He can restore your spirit.  He can do amazing things with a rested servant’s heart!

Speaking of which, exciting things are on the horizon for Girls of Grace Ministries!  Our first online Bible study will go live this fall, and we will be announcing exciting new details about T.E.A.M. Grace 2015 soon.  Until then, I pray you will all enjoy the summer season.  Sleep a little late.  Play at the pool.  Skip the makeup for a day or two.  Rest.  Be restored.  

I’ll look forward to seeing you all back here in August!

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