The Art of Amen

30 Jul 2020

7 Ways to Make Your Day More Creative

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  Begin with prayer. Before you roll out of bed and put your feet on the floor, begin your day with prayer. Take five minutes to tell your Creator good morning and ask him to walk with you throughout your day. He already knows your heart, but he wants to hear directly from you! Ask [...]

28 Jul 2020

The Here and Now

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  I’ve always enjoyed traveling and seeing other places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. Oh, how I miss the days of planning that next adventure. These are strange times, aren’t they? For now, I’m embracing the here and now and remembering exciting destinations I’ve been. My all time favorite trip remains the one [...]

23 Jul 2020

Faith over Fear: Embracing Prayer during a Pandemic

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Hello, friends. It’s been some time since I’ve shared a message with you through my blog. Life has happened for all of us. My oldest child’s senior year of high school ended quite differently than we could have ever imagined. Milestones missed. Events cancelled. Communities separated. Our new normal looks nothing like the life we [...]

12 Apr 2019

Ready to Get to Work – and a Special Introduction

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Friends, My goodness. It's been awhile, hasn't it? So much as happened since I last wrote to you. As many of you know, my mom won her battle against cancer on June 21, 2017. Yet, as she stepped into the arms of Jesus, those of us left behind on earth were shattered. My mom's death [...]

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