17 Feb 2017

Becoming a Girl of Grace and Finding Calm in the Crazy

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Hi, friends ~ What a week!  Becoming a Girl of Grace - A Joint Bible Study for Tween Girls and their Moms is officially available everywhere!  Click here to order your copy or to gift a book to a friend.  Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement.  They were felt and cherished. [...]

6 Jan 2017

Join the Becoming a Girl of Grace Launch Team!

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Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & Their Moms is releasing exclusively in LifeWay stores on January 24th and then everywhere else on February 7th, and I really need your help. I am so excited about the upcoming book launch and the potential to connect with even more mamas and [...]

18 Dec 2016

Advent Series: Preparing a Way – Part 4

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Hello, friends! Today we begin the last week of Advent, and I hope you have been able to spend time as mother and daughter this season, purposefully opening your hearts as you prepare a way for Jesus. When we think of Bible stories during Advent, we often hear of Elizabeth (Luke 1:13-15) and Mary (Luke [...]

10 Dec 2016

Advent Series: Preparing a Way – Part 3

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We are well into this season of Advent. Hopefully, you and your daughter have been able to pause momentarily during the frantic cadence of Christmas activities to prepare a way for the One who has prepared a way for you.   Even if you feel completely swept away by life during this busy season, have grace [...]

3 Dec 2016

Advent Series: Preparing a Way – Part 2

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Welcome back as we begin the second week of our mother and daughter Advent series! How are those Jesse Trees coming? My daughters and I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing homemade ornaments for our tree this week. If your days are anything like ours, perhaps you were unable to make more than a few ornaments this week. There were [...]

27 Nov 2016

Advent Series: Preparing a Way – Part 1

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Friends, I am so very excited to welcome you and your daughters along this year’s Advent journey. My prayer is that the time you share through the next four weeks of this study will bless your relationship as mother and daughter while drawing you both closer to Christ. Advent is a season of preparation for [...]

18 Nov 2016

Mom & Daughter Online Advent Series

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Hi, friends!  It's almost that time of year where we see lots of Christmas cheer.  If you are anything like me, you love all that the Christmas season brings.  Trimming the tree, baking cookies, snuggled with my family on the couch by the fire--I love it all.  And Hallmark.  Especially Hallmark.  Oh, friends. It's simply [...]

15 Nov 2016

Becoming a Girl of Grace Launch Team Application is Live!

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Hi, Friends!  The Becoming a Girl of Grace launch team application is live!  I hope you'll prayerfully consider joining me for this fun adventure.  So what is a Launch Team? A launch team is a dedicated group of volunteers that are willing to help announce the release of the book. They will help spread the [...]

8 Nov 2016

Announcing the Becoming a Girl of Grace Launch Team

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Hello, friends!  I have fun to share news about Becoming a Girl of Grace, A Bible Study for Tween Girls & Their Moms.   Before we get to the exciting news, though, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks and recognition to all the wonderful people who helped make this book possible. Please join me [...]

23 Sep 2016

Daughter of a King

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Friends, it is so tough not to feel afraid as we watch the world's current events unfold before our eyes.  The headlines seem more alarming by the day.  I can hardly turn on the news, open a paper or peruse the disturbing headlines without seeing violence, hate and a skewed sense of morality.  Where is the [...]