14 Oct 2015

Ep.5 – Gossip Girls

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Welcome to week 4 of our Fall 2015 online Bible study for moms and tween girls.  Join Tracy Steel and Team Grace Ministries as we discuss the impact of gossip on our circles of grace. This topic is tough, mamas, but Tracy shares some wonderful insight. Grab your coffee, pull up a chair and join [...]

7 Oct 2015

Ep.4 – You’ve Got a Friend in Me

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Welcome to week 3!  Last week, we talked about who makes up our circle of grace.  Now you know your circle is filled with both relationships you inherit and relationships you choose. This week’s podcast and online Bible study is about the connections you make for yourself.  Join Catherine Bird and Team Grace Ministries as [...]

28 Sep 2015

Ep.3 – Where does your circle begin?

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Week 2 of Online Bible Study with Catherine Bird. Fall 2015 - Moms and Tween Daughters

24 Sep 2015

Ep.2 – Moms and Tween Girls

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This is the first episode in an 8-week series focused on what it means to build personal relationships with God at the center.  The first week is "The Beauty of You," where moms and tween girls will delve into the topic of what "beautiful" really means.  What do we see when we look in the [...]

15 Sep 2015

Ep.1 – Welcome to Online Bible Study

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Online Bible study for tween girls and their moms is here! Join Catherine Bird, author of Becoming a Girl of Grace-A Bible Study for Tween Girls & Their Moms, and the Team Grace Ministries speaker team for scripture study, fellowship and laughter.

25 Aug 2015

Fall Bible study is back!

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Hello, friends! It is that time of year, again.  Some of us have already bid farewell to relaxed summer schedules and jumped headfirst into school.  I don't know about y'all, but this mama was one burned out chickadee last May.  My girls and I have spent much of the summer playing, reading and traveling--all while staying [...]

11 Sep 2014

Our Homeschooling Adventure!

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Our school year is well underway, and we are loving it!  Do our days go as planned?  Hardly ever.  You know what, though?  That doesn't matter.  Homeschooling is an adventure. The first year we homeschooled, we chose Sonlight curriculum and supplemented with Saxon, Bob Jones and a handful of other resources.  Our homeschool experience was [...]

5 Aug 2014

Summer Study FUN!

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Summer Bible study is drawing to a close, and we've had several weeks of summer study fun!  More than 65 moms and tween girls have come together each week.  What a blessing getting to know all of these girls of grace - small and tall!   I had to share a fun photo from tonight's [...]

24 Jul 2014

A Legacy Worth Building

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Friends, bear with me as I take time from writing to you so that God can refuel my spirit.  I have spent the summer sleeping late, playing in the pool with my girls and facilitating weekly Bible study for nearly 70 moms and tween girls.  We are living in the moment, and it is blissful. [...]

10 Jun 2014


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Ah, my sweet friends.  Does anyone else feel like they ended May with their hair on fire?  Whew!  I don't know about you, but my family and I are so thankful summer is here. I have two words for how I felt as the end of school approached - burned out.  The funniest and most accurate description [...]