I am so very excited to introduce a new mom and daughter series to you called Mom & Daughter Heart Check.  Join us as we dig deeper into Building Circles of Grace, the latest Bible study for moms and tween girls in the Girls of Grace Bible study series, and the reality of tough social hurdles we sometimes encounter as we build community with others.

Mom and Daughter Heart Check - catherinebird.net

Bullying, not fitting in, social media, beauty, positive and negative peer pressure…these are all challenges we experience at some point in our relationships with other people. And the truth is just because we become moms doesn’t mean we outgrow relationship struggles. All the more reason for moms and daughters to talk regularly about these difficult topics!

A special group of moms and tween girls have opened their hearts to us, and they are BRAVE and VULNERABLE in their transparency.

Each week for the next several weeks, we’ll hear from a mom and daughter team about a particular topic they feel led to speak about. All of these topics are included within the pages of Building Circles of Grace, which is chock full of conversation starters and engaging activities to keep moms and daughters connecting deeply through God’s Word.

Click here to view the first episode of Mom & Daughter Heart Check.  Welcome to the discussion, friends!  We’re glad you are here.

My prayer is that God will continue to nurture the grace and space of Team Grace and build an online community where moms and daughters everywhere can come to feel encouraged. The #teamgrace movement is all about joining the counterculture of moms and daughters who are empowering one another to embrace our authentic identities as God’s girls of grace and image bearers of Christ.

If you haven’t found us online yet, please join the #teamgrace movement here!