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4 Sep 2017

The Power of Service & Community

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Hi friends, Ash here! I want to talk with you briefly about the power of service and community. With the damage Hurricane Harvey has left behind, it has been amazing to see not only the people in my local community, but also people all around the world come together to support the victims of this [...]

17 Aug 2017

Introducing Mom & Daughter Heart Check Vignettes

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I am so very excited to introduce a new mom and daughter series to you called Mom & Daughter Heart Check.  Join us as we dig deeper into Building Circles of Grace, the latest Bible study for moms and tween girls in the Girls of Grace Bible study series, and the reality of tough social [...]

14 Aug 2017

Equipping Moms & Daughters with Truth

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In a world where we have become accustomed to the rightness of tearing one another down from the safety of our computer screens and the growing, staggering bullying statistics, it’s time to recalibrate how we view one simple truth. WORDS HAVE POWER. We know this, because our Lord literally spoke our world into being. The [...]

5 Aug 2017

Love books?

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Calling all #girlmoms!  The release date for Building Circles of Grace, a Bible study for tween girls and their moms is on TUESDAY!  If you love to read and review books, we hope you'll consider joining us for the Building Circles launch team. Applications are open now and can be found here.  It just takes [...]

31 Jul 2017

Letters from Ash

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Hi friends! Ashley here. I’m pretty new to blogging, so y’all please bear with me. My mom asked if I wanted to share my thoughts on some tough topics we encounter as girls. My mom is awesome, but sometimes I want to talk with my friends. That’s what I hope you find here. A friend! [...]